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Take me back to Summer…

If I didn’t shave my legs enough in 2020, I surely made up for it in 2021. I’ve been in shorts since April and I’m pretty sure global warming is going to change Seattle’s rainy reputation.

Well time to say Hello September! – and welcome the lovely change in weather. I’m wrapped in a blanket, typing this and looking at my pale ankles as my summer glow is fading slowly.

Take me back to Summer!!!!!!

Like in June when the heat was shattering the record books and all we could do was stay inside, drink wine and eat cheese plates.

charcuterie plate with cheese, salami and dried cherries. Crackers on are on the other plate.
Charcuterie Plate
glass of wine sitting on a table with a grassy field in the background

Ok , I went outside to check out the views..

view of the mountains with a sunset and trees in the Columbia gorge
Columbia River Gorge

To start off Summer, I spent a precious weekend at Skamania Lodge. It was quite fabulous and it was very hot that weekend as the heat wave was soaring through Washington and Oregon.

seafood salad with prawns, crab, fish and avocado
Seafood Salad

There was even a cute town about 30 miles away called Hood River in Oregon.

7 bottles of wine lined up on the bar
Cool wines at Upsidedown Wine

This winery called Upsidedown Wine not only had great Malbec but they have a cool Give Back campaign, where they give to a variety of organizations with each bottle sold.

chicken cali burger from wicked sushi, bacon, avocado slices coming out
Chicken Cali Burger

Just when I thought I wouldn’t find anything gluten free, I discovered this on the menu at Wicked Sushi, Burgers & Bowls. The Chicken Cali Burger had good fats spilling out, a gluten free bun AND it had Wasabi Mayo. You had me at Wasabi Mayo!!!!!! This restaurant was scrumptious all around and gave me the Hawaii vibes.

Hang loose, I will visit you again Wicked Sushi, Burgers and Bowls and I definitely will need to return to Skamania Lodge for more relaxing down time.

Do you want to hear more about cool weekend getaways? Be sure to check out my post Have you ever ate your way through a city , where I cover great places to eat and see while in San Diego.

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