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Let Me Upgrade You

Marriage. It is about being open and honest and having difficult conversations. My husband and I have been married for 4 1/2 years and we lived together prior when we were dating.

This had been on my mind for awhile. How can you tell someone that you love that you really don’t like the dishes that they brought into the relationship.

Okay, I’m not one to talk. When we started dating my dishes weren’t necessarily a set, they were random {but cute} sale items I would find at Pier 1 Imports or whatever, etc. . and I had my dishes for quite sometime and so they had some chips and imperfections. 

Slowly but surely my dishes starting disappearing. Maybe he or my daughter broke one on accident and didn’t want to tell me or maybe someone was straight dish lifting from our house. 

Well whatever happened, I told him yes let’s use your dish set because they are pretty and shiny. 

For me, things for your kitchen can be pretty and shiny but they aren’t always your type. Kinda like when your dating you know, you can meet someone like Kim Kardashian and say YUP, she is definitely pretty and shiny, but I like Khloe more, she looks like she was hand crafted in Portugal. 

Truth is, if you are into hand crafted but you’re gonna test the waters with pretty and shiny, it may not work out with pretty and shiny- why? Because the small things of pretty and shiny will start to get on your nerves real fast.

(I know what you’re thinking, you never thought you would hear solid dating advice from a food blogger obsessed with her dishes. Well I’m full of surprises and wisdom.)

The Honeymoon Stage

At first it was great to eat on this plate. You could really hear your fork cling if you sat it down too hard. *cling*

Realization and Disillusionment

It took a turn when we went to remodel our kitchen. 

We decided to install a hood vent, so that meant getting rid of our big microwave. We found a cute mini microwave that sits pretty on the counter and guess what?


My husband went to warm up his dinner and the plate didn’t fit.

Often times I meal prep, so my meal prep containers were just fine. I didn’t realize the plate wasn’t fitting.

So here is my husband, looking at the microwave some nights like why does it have to be so hard to warm you up, dinner. SIGH

And my misery came when I tried taking full plate photos and I had a lot negative space on the plate and glare from all that shininess and the shape of the plate was really messing with me.  

Do the WAVE …


With the remodel of our kitchen, I was really trying to have a European look. I was out one day shopping for food photography props and I came across the most beautiful and hand crafted set of dishes and cutlery. I was like OMG this will be perfect for our kitchen vibe! But how do I break it to my husband that his dishes will have to go. Hmmmm, let me think on this. 

I started with hints.

“We could use some new silverware.” – our silverware had been disappearing and he has been known to return home with silverware that isn’t ours. How does one do this you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA!

“So how attached are you to your dishes, were they expensive?” – ok this question is kind of obvious where it’s headed. I don’t like to waste time. 

My husband laughed. “Well the dishes don’t fit in the microwave, I didn’t spend much as some were regifted and I only a bought a couple of them”


(Have you ever seen in the movies when the epiphany happens, the clouds clear away and music starts playing. …..)

He Said Yes.. to the New Dish Set!!!!!!!!

Ok I don’t think TLC Network will pick this up as a reality series or anything so let me tell you about the day that handcrafted in Portugal arrived in our home.

I’ve loved you all my life Khloe.

I swiftly removed all the old dishes.I washed the new ones, carefully and rinsed. I gave it a couple of minutes and then I took my very clean and new tea towel and hand dried each one, then putting them away ever so carefully. And I had this pep in my step too, like “I’mma eat on you later Portugal Plate.”

Ahh the details of this beautiful bowl
Handcrafted in Portugal 🇵🇹 Mug

And this silverware is so amazing. The knives are even too big for our holder and I’m ok with it. 

Italian Vintage

This – my friends is adulting at its finest. Communicating your feelings with your partner is where its at, especially if you want new dishes.

Dinner is served …

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