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Hello Chrissy Teigen.

I may be the first to say this but Chrissy Teigen and I have a lot in common.

No, I wasn’t a super model- LOL. Ok, Im not on TV and no I didn’t say we look alike, I said we have a lot in common!

Here we go: 

We both have cute kids.

We have similar names- she’s Chrissy, Im Kristina but depending on who you ask, Im Krissy.

We both love John Legends music. That’s assuming she loves her husbands music LOL

We both hate Donald Trump.

We love to cook!

She got jokes- I do too.

Most importantly though, we are both from Washington State!

Recently John Legend was here for his concert at Chateau St Michelle. [which I was supposed to go to originally back in 2020 but we won’t go there right now with Covid cancelling 2020]

So one day, I was on Instagram and I saw Chrissy post from Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market and I’m like oh nice – they must be staying down there or something because I recognized the views she was posting, etc. 

Then the weekend came and John Legend performed that Friday evening I believe. My family and I had had planned apple picking for that Saturday morning in Snohomish.

We spent a lovely morning at this farm, I was shooting pics and my son was eating all the apples he could. Afterwards we decided to go into town to eat lunch on Main St. 

little boy running through the apple orchard, eating an apple
Chasing Apples.
a red apple on an apple tree
Pick me! Pick me!
a hand holding a mix of green and purple grapes with leaves in the background
They had grapes too.

I don’t know much about Snohomish but Main St is the place to be! We visited last year when a lot of the businesses were still closed so we didn’t get to enjoy anything. This time was much different. Restaurants and shops were open. 

We found nice outdoor seating at a seafood restaurant called Andy’s Fish House. Our son had been fighting his nap because he was still wanting more apples and finally after he passed out in my husbands arms, I look out on the street and I see a bubble truck driving by. Like literally a truck , blowing bubbles at you and honking. I said to my husband, awww he is missing the bubble truck since he is napping.

Well- fast forward to later that night, there I am on Instagram again and what does Chrissy post????

First it’s a pic of her in front if her old high School. 

Then then you swipe left,  a video of -OMG IT IS THE FREAKING BUBBLE TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you telling me she was in mere vicinity of us!?!?!?!?! I tell my husband and show him the post and he’s like OMG she had to have been like a few feet away from us. 

Look I don’t think I’m a star struck person. Because I love Russell Wilson and Ciara and all and when I saw them at Bellevue Square , I let them walk on by without shouting Go Seahawks or busting out a Level Up choreo.

And when I saw Wee Man in Vegas, I let him walk in peace as well. 

But if I ever saw Chrissy Teigen, I would totally tell her: I LOVE YOUR BANANA BUNDT CAKE !!!!  Like girrrlllll that pudding in the Banana Bundt Cake is a game changer!! AND YOU HAVE NICE COOKWARE!!!

Seriously, I started making her recipe while I was on maternity leave and I would like to thank the bundt cake for slowing my post baby weight loss. LOL 

So this was my Chrissy Teigen missed moment. Too bad she didn’t go to the apple farm that day. 

little boy hands holding a red apple with an apple bucket in the background
Bucket of Apples.
beautiful blue grapes on the vines
Beautiful Grapes.
purple grapes with water on them.
The Wet Look.

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