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15 Pound Blueprint Update: Month 2 

Here’s my 15 Pound Blueprint Update: Month 2 of my Intermittent Fasting “lose this last 15” mission. The highs and the lows.

Things are looking slow and steady.. which I expected because from the time these photos were taken , a lot has happened like my birthday, a weekend getaway, too many gluten meals, a couple of alcoholic drinks and lots of emotions with life.

The good news is I’m hanging in there {and kinda looking like Sexy Smurf}!

15 Pound Blueprint Update: Month 2
1/15/22, 2/16/22, 3/19/22

Did I miss a couple of workouts? Sure. Did I eat off of my clean meal plan? Yes. I even suffered from gluten and alcohol bloat, that is sadly, only having 1 drink! Did I eat a piece of cake from a vending machine AKA Carlo’s Bakery and eat it at 1030pm- Hell Yes! 

I only ate off my intermittent fasting schedule during my weekend getaway. Which since I’ve been back, I’ve returned to the schedule , breakfast after 9am dinner by 730.

Emotionally, this time of year is when I lost my parents so I’ve been sulking  lately.

This year seems to hit me a little harder. Not sure why, it might be the challenges I’m coming up against in life and maybe I’m overthinking and  it’s triggering negative memories of my parents. 

With work stress {my full-time career} and in my free time, trying to focus on this blog and it’s growth leaves my tank empty most days. I notice that is when I’m most likely to think of an excuse not to work out or I ate more unnecessary snacks. 

I sat myself down and had to think of ways to get shit done. Something I’ve been trying to incorporate is lunch time work outs and 5 minute meditations.  Whether it be a 30 minute or a full hour, I really enjoy my lunch time work outs and it leaves me with good energy the rest of the day. Plus I notice a lunch time work out really works with my intermittent fasting schedule. If I work out late in the evenings, I go to bed way hungrier than usual.

For the meditations, I’m using my Peloton app, as they have a wide variety to choose from. 5 minute meditation has saved me a few days this last month. 

My focus for the next few weeks will be 1. consistency with crushing the lunch time workout 2. Laying low on the gluten/or any snack that I know will make me feel like shit   3. Adding in a tad bit more cardio, as I’ve been lifting mainly the last 3 months and 4. more meditating .

Last Thoughts of my 15 Pound Blueprint Update:

If you are on a weight loss journey, or trying to start a business or just feeling overwhelmed and find yourself needing a little encouragement in your life, repeat after me, “only great things will happen if I move forward” 

Looking forward to checking back in with another update soon! 

If you are looking for more motivation and want to learn more about my weight loss journey and how I dropped 75 pounds, check out my post: Real Weight Loss Solutions: 10 Important Steps I Took .

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