The Passionate Pursuit of Life, Brunch and Balance. Everyday Delicious Food and Midlife Wellness.


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crispy shredded chicken tacos
Appetizers | Easy Recipes

Street Size Crispy Baked Shredded Chicken Tacos

Are you ready for a mouth-watering crunchy treat? Whether it’s Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo or NFL Sunday, my Street Size Crispy Baked Shredded Chicken Tacos are definitely a crowd pleaser!  My family says these crispy chicken tacos are cute, flavorful and they love the fun fixings like salsa and sour cream.  These easy crispy chicken tacos are great for game day as…

gluten free lemon cake with berries
Desserts | Easy Recipes

Gluten-Free Lemon Victoria Sponge Cake with Berries

Treat yourself this summer to my Gluten-Free Lemon Victoria Sponge Cake with Berries! With a combination of fresh berries and strawberry jam, this cake tastes like summer! This recipe is adapted from the Victoria Sponge Cake featured in the Gluten Free Cookbook by Fiona Hunter. My twist is that I add fresh lemon juice and lemon zest and dried thyme. Also…

The Passionate Pursuit of Life, Brunch and Balance…

Hi, I’m Kristina Cadelina! Welcome to When Salty and Sweet Unite, The Passionate Pursuit of Life, Brunch and Balance. Everyday Delicious Food and Midlife Wellness.

I have an extraordinary weight loss story of losing 75 pounds and keeping it off for over 17 years.

My blog is a dedication to my passion for cooking and also helping others lead healthier lives.

I teach home cooks healthier versions of everyday dishes that everyone will love and offer ingredient swaps. I love to provide people with the tools they need to make positive changes in their diet while still enjoying their favorite foods. I also include indulgent treats that will satisfy your sweet cravings. 

With my diverse culinary influences, including flavors from my Spanish heritage and the multicultural environment I grew up with in Seattle, my recipes always have a twist and they are unique. 

I believe incorporating a mindset shift and having support alongside healthy meal preparation is an excellent way to make it a true lifestyle. Nutrition, consistency and a positive mindset are all essential for starting a health journey.

I want to inspire people to live their dreams and pursue their true passions, whether related to weight loss or going for that promotion, deciding to grow your family or other goals. 

My goal is to bring people together through food, cultural celebration and love. I want to build a community of strong women who want to be their best authentic self. 

Learn more about my story here.

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