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Have you ever ate your way through a city?

We sure did! 

Fair warning- you may leave this post super hungry.

Before I convince you that you should try it this weekend, here are some healthy tips on how to do it successfully:

Prior to your trip, eat clean.

Get 10,000 plus steps a day and some.

Have a hotel with a gym and lift heavy weights. I suggest throwing in some HIIT and squats.

Don’t drink your calories.

Do your research through Yelp on any dietary needs you may be looking for. I had no issues finding restaurants that were gluten free and also vegan options – and this goes for desserts as well.

Most importantly, enjoy every bite!

Now on to our recent trip to San Diego

My husband is amazing regardless, but I love how when we come back from a trip, even to somewhere I’ve been before a few times, I always seem to have a totally different experience there with him. 

Sunset Cliffs

Oh – let’s talk about the food! OMG. So I’ve always loved the food in SD. There is a place called Cafe 222. I go there every time and I wasn’t sure if they would be open though I looked on Yelp, sometimes businesses are shut down because of Covid and Yelp isn’t updated.

We happily stumbled upon it when we parked and I didn’t realize it was right there. I was so happy they are still open! I’m telling ya, if you LOVE tamales like I LOVE tamales and you want them for breakfast- welllllll, check out Cafe 222!


Here some other yummy restaurants we ate at:

Lazy Hippo
GF and Vegan Pancakes
Breakfast Republic-gluten free
Fig Ravioli at Allegro in Little Italy

Some things never get old in California, like looking at their beautiful trees and taking in the ocean.

Surfs Up!
Hello Up There!
Surf Shop in Ocean Beach

Somehow, the rain seemed to follow us from Seattle but that’s ok, we’re built for the rain. (But please note San Diego’s rain was more like thunder, lightening and torrential down pour, lol )

Old Town San Diego
Cool Sign in Old Town

San Diego has such mild temperatures. I was digging it and got to wear my shorts with a sweater, which is a look I love but here in Seattle, our weather never cooperates. Thank you to the friendly stranger who offered to take our picture, he must be an expert because he nailed the composition!

Ocean Beach

With all the rain, luckily we picked a very nice hotel, The Guild – and I have three words for you: Rose Gold Everything!

Cute Hangers
Beautiful Windows

Our room had such nice and simple decor. The location was good too. Another great thing about this hotel was that they had a Peloton bike in their gym!

Let me give you one piece of travel advice. When you have a toddler at home or a busy life in general, rest is everything. Pick a hotel that will you give that. I read reviews and recommendations from Conde Nast. I consider them trust worthy travel experts.

Sun or no sun, I was excited to take my husband to see the Unconditional Surrender Statue. I think this was my first time to capture the image without anyone around.

Unconditional Surrender

One neighborhood we found in San Diego that we will definitely visit again was Hillcrest. MANNNN, I love the vibe!! Restaurants on restaurants, music, diversity, I loved it! While we were there, we stopped and had some tacos. Like prawns wrapped in bacon kind of tacos( I must try this at this at home)….

Tacos from La Vecindad

All and all, it was a great weekend. Lots of walking, hiking through La Jolla, eating good food, and watching the ocean. I didn’t get my sunset pics as I was hoping for but that just means we will have to visit again!

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