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15 Pound Blue Print

Here is my 15 Pound Blue Print.

My son was born in 2018 when I was 42 years old. My pregnancy was healthy.When I got pregnant, I was the healthiest I’ve been in a long time. I was following a paleo diet mainly and really eating clean. 

I have not always been fit.

My heaviest and not pregnant was 223 pounds. I was in my 20’s. When I was pregnant with daughter in 2005, I had gotten down to 185 -ish before hand but when I gave birth to her I shot up to 234. With the help of consistently attending kickboxing, strength training twice a week and eating smaller portions, I got down to a size 4-6 by her first birthday. 

As the years went on, I wanted to give back. I started teaching kickboxing and later Zumba. I even helped my coworkers lose weight by tracking their progress and running a biggest loser challenge in our office.

I had the lifestyle. There were times when I drank or ate foods that aren’t the greatest but what stood true in my journey has been consistency. 

I ended up with a torn meniscus.

And a couple of other injuries in between 2013-2014. I was unable to teach Zumba and it was tough. I still walked a lot though. I did put on some weight. Not only with the lack of movement, I experienced a horrible relationship that had me eating fast food again, drinking way more than normal and insomnia. 

When I started dating my now husband in late 2014, he was an inspiration in itself. He was never overweight but he loved fitness as much as I did and had/still has the body to show for it. He can also eat pretty much anything he wants. Dang Ectomorph. LOL

He encouraged me in the gym and when I started weight lifting again. This time more intense and more heavy, man my body changed!

First comes love. Then comes squats. Then comes dinner dates after the gym. Then marriage!

It was time to make the babies!

My pregnancy started out great but as I entered my second trimester, I lost both my parents a month apart. My mom died suddenly from a heart attack and shortly after my dad died of dementia. There were other dynamic things happening around me as well and let me tell ya, I put on a lot of weight during the 2nd trimester. It was like a big jump and my midwife let me know, and all I could do was ball my eyes out. 

Baby boy comes out and Im weighing in at 213. Not bad given my first birth I was 234! My weight at 4 weeks pregnant was 153 ( and decent muscle tone let me tell ya) and my weight today is probably 163-165. I say probably because I got down 161 during my October Whole 30 but I can tell you for sure that I’m bloated…. LOL ( if theraflu bloat is a thing, then I will call it that!)

I was listening to another episode of Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory. He had a guy on there named Drew Manning. I have never heard of him before but he is known for fitness. Also gaining a ton of weight purposely and then taking it back off. I’m paraphrasing this but I think its because he wanted to know the emotions that his clients go through.

I mentioned the other day about getting your mind right. 

After hearing this episode  I was thinking about what is happening to me- fit after 40 – I know it can be done. I know the rules, I know how to eat, I know how to portion , I should be moving more but why aren’t I , partially could be the pandemic, etc, who knows, but the emotional piece, when I gained a lot was when I seriously going through a lot. 

I know you’re thinking Kristina, you used to be 223 NOT pregnant and now you’re 163ish……sooooooo, what’s the problem?!?!

The problem is that I don’t feel like myself. I am used to people looking up to me and asking “how did you get healthy” or “I need your tips, OMG help me stay motivated” to ….”are you back in the gym? How’s the weight loss going? And my toddler patting my belly.. LOL- sounds cute huh, but it kills me little bit inside. 

I am the biggest believer in when you want something, you have to speak it , you have to put it into the universe and maybe I have been holding stuff in and need it to release ( Universe take my weight away!) 

Here is my 15 Pound Blue Print to finally say goodbye to my little friend aka my belly

Here is what I come up with: 

First of all, I have to be  realistic where I am currently today and how is it different from before when I was obese. I already made the decision that I’m never going back to that and when I committed to my health over 15 years ago, I was and still am fully aware it took a lifestyle change. However, I can’t live in the past. What worked then isn’t now. I had to really lay everything on the table and this is what I came up with :

I keep hearing about Intermittent Fasting. Like literally the dr’s are suggesting intermittent fasting to pretty much everyone and also everyone is coming back to their dr’s with a success story on it.

After some research, here is what I have been implementing the past couple of weeks and will continue to do so until further notice:

I have started eating breakfast between 8am-9am and my last meal is about 7 or 730 but nothing after 8pm. I plan to push it back further as I adapt more such as breakfast at 9am and last meal at 6pm. To get me into that window, I need to be prepared.

Commit to eating 4 times a day- one of  those meals being my protein shake, and if I do need a snack , I will go to some of my favorite healthy options

Such as carrots and hummus, cucumbers, apple and peanut butter, gf toast with peanut butter, etc. My meals will be clean, made at home or only from select restaurants where I know its not processed, and they will be gluten free and mostly dairy free. When I do have a dessert, It will be a healthier version and I will make it myself. 

Burning 500 plus calories a day. I set my Apple Watch to reflect my goals. 

I have had my Peloton the last 3 years

But maybe the cycling shouldn’t be my main focus. I will continue with strength training and increase my weights. For cardio, mix the Peloton rides up with HIIT workouts. My physical therapist who helped me recover from my knee injury told me HIIT would be ideal because I don’t want to put the wear and tear on the knee again.

Continue to stay hydrated, like 75-100 oz a day.

Sleeping earlier.

Meditating to relieve extra stress and anxieties.

Making sure I am taking my work breaks to relieve stress.

I plan to track progress through how my clothes fit and not the scale. This is huge for me. I know I am titling this the 15 Pound Blue Print, but let’s be real. When my belly goes down and my abs are popping, I will know whether or not I’m making progress. 

I took my “before” pic on Wednesday January 12th and I plan to take it again in a couple of weeks with the same outfit on. 

I will continue to work on my mindset and affirmations. 

Change is a powerful thing. It can be scary for me and yet I still welcome it because I know on the other side, great things await!

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