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New Year Mind Set State of Mind

Where do I start- yesterday I looked outside and saw sunshine. It wasn’t raining, I didn’t hear wind, my coughing had stopped a little and I thought it was the perfect time to take my dog for a 20 minute walk. 

I haven’t walked my dog for over 5 min since after Christmas. 

I woke up on December 26th and looked outside and saw white, rubbed my eyes and went to the window and it was confirmed that it snowed. You know I really don’t watch the news, intentionally and when I do its rarely the weather report. SO I really didn’t know it was going to snow. 

The snow and ice stayed around for a week. I was working out at home, portioning my meals, mentally prepared that I wouldn’t be going anywhere for a few days. Then the next thing you know, my toddler is sick. A couple days after that, we all felt sick. 


Given the times, you gotta treat it seriously and take the measures

to keep your family healthy. From the advice our of sons pediatrician, everyone was to quarantine.

Long story short, we weren’t able to get covid tests until days later, which THANK GOD we all tested negative. 

Its now January 9th and I’m happy to report the sun is out and I am able  to stay awake for more than 2 hours, my nose has stopped running but my mind hasn’t. 

Can I get a New Years re-do?!?!?!?

I’m not a new year resolution person exactly, I believe a new day is a new day, a new week is a new week, so why wait til January 1 to start something. I don’t feel that I messed up any resolutions, but I feel behind. I had a strong month in December with my health and starting an advanced food photography course, and etc.. and I feel wiped out by snow and being sick. 

I wanted to share with you something that has really helped me over the last 10-12 days. 

I started this as a part of my 12 days of Christmas and I’m still doing it even between my sick naps LOL.

What is it?

Positive Self Talk and Positive Mind Set.

Yup that’s it. 

As I mentioned I started a course that focuses on advanced food photography and the first lesson was actually on your mindset. It really touched me, like opening your mind up to succeed, learning new material, try something new, execute difficult tasks, be uncomfortable. 

This is stuff I know I have heard before in some form or another but the fact that a food photography course is like heyyyyyy, mindset first- I’m like this is the missing piece to accomplishing some major stuff in 2022 and beyond!!

Lets be truthful, when it comes to certain things in life, my mindset has been poor and I want to change that ASAP!

Here is what I started doing: 

I wrote down specifically a few things I want and I started saying them out loud a few times a day, some in the mirror when I can, and some to myself and I wrote them as if I am already living it. 

Such as:

I am so happy now that I have paid off my debt.

I am so happy that I have found a bigger home in Normandy Park that fits my growing family.

I am so happy God is on my side and working to do great things in my life.

I am so happy that I am 150 pounds and have nice muscles and abs.

I am so happy that I started my own business and now I have tripled in income. 

These are actual thoughts/ things I want to accomplish. I put action to all my thoughts and goals, I focus on health and my workouts are amazing, I focus on my food photography and etc… but there is something about speaking these thoughts out loud that is helping me. 

 I have never done something like before. I think I tried a few months back and looked in the mirror and cried. I had read goal posts that I had written down in 2019 for 2020 and in 2020 for 2021 and the question in the my goal setter book was, what are you afraid of? I wrote like 10 things that were actual thoughts then but now when I read them Im like oh no, that’s not true! I have potential for all of this to happen and be amazing at it! 

New Year, New Day, New Mindset- 

I’m here to tell you, whether you were snowed in, throwed up on by your toddler, or whatever the case, don’t give up! 

Though I was sick and laid up most of the week, it gave me time to brain storm, write things down, read, recover and self reflect.

And we need that. Here’s to 2022! Happy New Years Everyone! 

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