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3 Things I’ve done recently to make myself feel good.

And I suggest you try this too!

Welcome to the month of June, where there is so much to be celebrated!

Pride Month, Juneteenth, Father’s Day, Graduations, Summer and let’s not forget- my daughter’s birthday!

For me though the celebrations start in May because it’s my wedding anniversary! And for that, we always plan something special AKA we are going outside in public, LOL.

You know with the pandemic and just living a much different life now, I sometimes go through phases where I feel like I have nothing to wear. Sound familiar? I’m sure lots of people suffer from this pre-pandemic, but with me it started with Marie Kondo’ing my house in 2018-2019 and getting rid of much un-worn clothes and also clothes that didn’t fit. (Thank you to my son for that 🙂 ) I also have those days when I look in the mirror and I’m like OMG I looked tired!

Here I am wanting to plan a long weekend and a hot date with my husband.

AND.. I have that one grey hair popping out directly on top of my head (ok it’s more like 3), my skin looks so pale, my feet haven’t seen daylight. Oh sheesh, my closet!

My wardrobe has some very basic items, leggings, hoodies, work out attire, 1 pair of jeans, 1 loose pair of jeans, ugly underwear LOL, a bra that fits semi good, ok I think you’re getting the point.

Take Action

So instead of starting a pity party, I did these 3 things to get myself out of this rut:

1. I got a pedicure.

That doesn’t seem like a big deal to a lot of women possibly because I have friends who go once or twice a month. But to me taking the time to actually go and get my toes done was huge. I normally go maybe 2-3 times a year , during the summer when its open toe season. Other than that, I either try to keep them bare because I’m not showing my toes.

2. I got a spray tan.

Look, when its sunny here or I’m in a nice tropical place, I get some nice color- naturally.

But have I mentioned I live in Seattle though? My tan from San Diego back in September has faded… LOL (sigh) To get a spray tan is something your skin will thank you for because 1. You’re not putting it under those terrible bulbs of a tanning bed and 2. Your white blouse will look really nice with a little sunkissed look. Just saying….

3. I bought a couple of dresses that fit my body for what it is now.

Self acceptance is such a big deal. I refuse, I repeat- absolutely REFUSE – to waste a summer because I couldn’t fit into old clothes and then I would make an excuse not to go out.

I was able to find a couple of essential summer pieces that compliment my body shape and yup, I proudly sized up!

Ladies, ladies- its 2022. We aren’t playing these games with our minds and bodies with thinking bad about ourselves because we aren’t a “size” that people think we should be.

Hear me out, I know for some people maybe buying a whole new wardrobe can’t happen, hell it can’t even happen for me. I feel ya- I’ve been there. But investing in some clothes that accentuate your figure will make you feel so good instead of trying on clothes from your closet that you KNOW don’t fit you or don’t fit you yet.

The day I went shopping I set out some rules. I told myself I know what my size is but I know this brand can run a little small, so if I need to go up in size, it’s totally ok. Also , I didn’t try anything on at the store. I had some foods that day that I know really hmmm let’s say, made objects like my belly appear bigger than they are. So I bought the clothes and tried them at home the next day. And lastly , I made sure the styles were truly flattering my shape.

Damn crop tops have taken over most stores! But not today crop tops, not today!

If you find yourself in this same rut and you tried these tips and they worked for you, I would love to hear your story!

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