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What’s Your Favorite Love Story? 

A Love Story is what I was trying to create here with my food photography and styling with these beautiful cookies. I found this delicious and healthy recipe from a blog named Gutsy Baker. You can find the link here.  While preparing these, my mind started wandering to what’s my favorite love story?

what's your favorite love story?
A Love Story.
what's your favorite love story?
Valentine Thumbprints.

I’ve been honored to have seen and heard many.

I LOVE the ones of my elders, who have been together 30, 40, and even 50 years. I love the ones that I have been a part of. By either introducing them or we hung out somewhere that evening and that’s where my friends met the love of their life.

And yes, all of them are married, still- with children ; thank you very much.. 🙂 #magicmaker #yourewelcome

And of course the love story that I share with my husband is on my fav list. Though my favorite love story is actually the one where I started to love myself. This is not to be confused with being conceited. 

My Favorite Love Story

When you discover Self Love, it’s about a moment in your life when you look in the mirror and you have a very real and honest conversation with yourself on what’s working for you and what’s not. 

It’s about when you let go of toxicity, stopping comparison, setting standards, taking care of your mental health, and so much more. Kinda like when Samantha breaks up with Smith , I had to break up with the things that made me feel less than.

It’s pretty amazing and when you love yourself-  you’re giving your best self to the world.

Everyone wins. (Except Smith)

However, it wasn’t always like that for me and it didn’t happen overnight. 

I had to dig real deep, ask God for guidance and thank him for his forgiveness and open up old wounds to find the clarity I needed. 

With this level of self awareness, life has been peaceful. 

If you are reading this and you are wondering where to start on your self love journey, you can ask yourself where are some areas in your life you’d like to improve and what’s been holding you back. Will you need assistance in this? Is there habit change that needs to take place? 

For example, if you are looking to have a more organized home, are there other family members that can help out with laundry or vacuuming, or are you trying to work on hanging your jacket and keys immediately when you get home so things don’t look cluttered?

If you are single and dating and seem to keep striking out with people, make some notes on why and keep a tighter note on what it is you are looking for and value in a partner. Was there CLEAR communication on what you were both looking for? Were there red flags you ignored? (And sometimes, yes, people are just fucking assholes LOL) 

Something I heard recently

Was about sometimes you are called into a part and you think you aren’t ready or qualified though no one ever said you had to be the expert or know it all in order to be where you are about to go- God just knew YOU are the one and that is why he put you there. 

That is pretty amazing!

There are times when I thought I was loving myself and yet I found myself saying, I don’t deserve this happiness, I don’t have enough experience in this, I felt inadequate. 

Now that I have told you my favorite love story

And with Valentines around the corner, people can get caught up with self loathe instead of love. My suggestion is to treat yourself to something nice. listen to some music . Make time for yourself. Eat pretty cookies and let go of any bad self talk. 

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