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Fitness Blueprint- Update

before and after
1 Month of Intermittent Fasting

I wanted to give an update on my “15 Pound Blueprint” fitness journey.

Lets start with what has life been like the past month-

Well from January 12 to February 12 when these pictures were taken:

I’ve been eating my first meal around 9am and nothing after 8pm. Most of my meals have been gluten free and made at home. I had minimal dairy , like some cheese here and there and treated myself to a Ellenos Greek Yogurt. I had about 1 or 2 cheat meals a week. For one of those of cheat meals, there was gluten and my body definitely felt it.

I did enjoy a glass of wine and some dessert within my time frame to eat.

My workouts have been walking, strength training, HIIT on Apple Fitness, and my Peloton Bike.

I have not stepped on the scale. Only tracking has been how my clothes fit and also taking update photos in my lovely blue outfit, LOL.

Here is what I’m trying to work on for next following 4 weeks until my progress photo (March 12th) :

I notice fasted cardio really makes me hungry – so either I bump up the water intake or I move cardio to middle of day or later in the day.

I’m really trying to work on getting my meals into the 8 hour window, so that would mean having dinner prepared ahead of time.

I’ve been testing the waters with lunchtime workouts.

I don’t want to over indulge on the cheese.

Being prepared saves me, so keep it up!

I’m pretty proud of myself – I’m trying something new with my journey, I’m enjoying it and trying to make it really custom fit me and my day.

If you are looking for more motivation and want to learn more about how I dropped 75 pounds, check out my post: Real Weight Loss Solutions: 10 Important Steps I Took .

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