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Leveling Up on Food Photography

Here’s what I’ve learned so far and keep in mind, I come from a background of iPhone photography only. I took my first food photos back in 2008. Do you think I knew about editing in 2008!?

Dominican Restaurant in New York 2008
Tamales in 2008
Pizza in Little Italy, New York City 2008

It’s been about 10 weeks since I made the decision I wanted to learn Food Photography.

I got my DSLR camera a little over 3 years ago right before the birth of our son. 10 weeks ago, I didn’t know shit about how to use it, the pictures I have taken prior were -eh, horrible, poor lighting and I definitely let my camera make all the decisions.

I shoot with a Canon T7. I didn’t know the bigger better version is sold with just the camera body.

I’ve been shooting with the kits lens which is 18-55 mm. The 2 new lenses I just purchased are a 50mm f/1.8 and 100 mm f/2.8 macro lens. I have became rather comfortable with my kits lens and my new lens is intimidating .

I almost bought a Tamron 60mm lens as I was digging it. But I kept hearing and reading reviews that the 100mm lens was the way to go, especially for food photography.

My camera is cropped censored.

I learned about many of things such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

I started using a bounce board.

I’ve learned about composition and how to edit in light room.

My camera doesn’t rule me anymore. I have been shooting in manual mode.

I have soooo much more to learn. I dedicate time each day to learning about photography and my camera.

Some areas of focus over the next few weeks for me is: really nailing the composition of food. I think I take decent photos of things with my iPhone for people, places and certain things but my food photos need to level up. Here are some of my favorites captured on the iPhone that aren’t of food. (Because I’m not always eating.. Lol)

Yosemite in Spring taken via iPhone
Cherry Blossoms at UW
iPhone capture of Snoqualmie Falls

Another thing I want to focus on is using a tripod. I haven’t did a shoot with it yet and it’s up and ready for me to use. I also plan to get more familiar with my macro lens.

Ahh and one last thing , lighting. Precious Fall is bringing the lovely grey and rainy skies to Seattle. Which means it’s fucking with my lighting!

I really want my food photos to have consistency.…

Well, the good news is practice is my friend. and the more I practice , the more I learn , and the sooner you will see me posting drizzle shots. 🤪

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