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Things to do in a Power Outage

I’m sitting here and there is almost no more light left coming in. We’ve experienced a power outage.

The worse thing for a blogger, let alone a food blogger is no power. That means the meals I had in mind to cook and photo will have to wait .

So I thought this would be a great time to do a short blog post from my phone (thank you WordPress app) to show you a healthy weekend breakfast!

Tortilla Española: I keep mine basic with olive oil, white onion, garlic and thinly sliced yukon potatoes. I did add some asparagus as well. My sauce is just olive oil, garlic, red wine vinegar and Italian parsley blended up in a food processor.

Tortilla Española

This meal is gluten free and dairy free and it’s one of my favorites to make even for tapas themed brunches. The banana is topped with slivered almonds and a cinnamon spice topper from Flavor God.

Weekend Breakfast

The Tortilla has pretty simple cooking instructions:

Heat your olive oil on low, add onions and thinly slice potatoes and whatever vegetable you like and sauté about 10 minutes . Season with salt and pepper. Use 3 eggs, in a bowl, scramble with a fork and add to the pan. Let it cook until the egg looks formed and cooked. You can either flip completely over to the other side or simply fold it like an omelette.

Tortilla Española can be an appetizer or main course. My version isn’t traditional but it’s definitely still delicious.

Ok, this blog post is making me hungry. Time to round up the family and head out of the darkness. In the mean time, Enjoy!

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