How to make Easy Flank Steak

For this recipe , we are going to use flank steak.Flank can be prepared on the stove top, grilled or broiled (think delicious and juicy London Broil). Flank can be marinated in different flavors and can be fully cooked or served medium rare.

Here's what you need

Ingredients  – 1 pound flank steak cut into 4 filets – 1/2 sweet onion sliced – 6 cloves garlic minced – 1/4 cup coconut aminos – 1 tablespoon vegetable oil – 1/2 tablespoon chili sesame oil – 1/2 cup  basil chopped – 1 bunch green onions sliced

Step 1

Marinate the steaks in the oils, coconut aminos, sweet onion, garlic and basil for about 20 minutes.

Step 2

 In a large non stick pan on medium /low heat, remove the steaks from the marinade and add to the pan.

Step 3

Sear for 5 minutes per each side. Remove steak from the heat and let it sit for another 5 minutes. Add the green onion on top.

Pro Tip:  Using a meat thermometer will give you the most accurate results

Use these temperatures as a guide: Rare 125-130 degrees Medium rare 130-140 Medium 140-150 Medium well 150-160 Well done 160 and over

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