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Local Food Spot: Musashi’s

I’ve become that girl. The minute I know my husband will pick up dinner from one of our fave local Sushi’s spot Musashi’s ..I set up my food scene: Grab the Sake set, pull out the sushi plates, damn we ain’t got any soy sauce but that’s ok , I use Coconut Aminos anyways, where’s the chop sticks? What color will be on our sushi, which backdrop should I use to make it pop- yup, dinner is another level for me. I hope he’s home soon because I need to photograph my dinner and eat it before my intermittent fast cut off time of 8pm ,well maybe I can push it to 8:15 tonight….SIGH, hope they remember to give the wasabi and ginger because that’s gonna be the je ne sais quoi of this photo……

California rolls from Local Food Spot: Musashi's
Sushi Night

This is Sushi from a restaurant called Musashi’s . I was pleasantly surprised that they opened one in our part of town. I originally tried this place years ago with my friend at another location. I was going to say if you’re ever in Seattle.….but come to find out, they have one in Portland, Oregon and also San Diego. Sooooo….if you’re ever in Seattle, Portland or San Diego, this is a great place for some sushi. It’s reasonably priced : Seared Salmon is 2.30 a piece and the 10 piece California Roll is 6.90 with good portions.

seared salmon and California rolls from Local Food Spot: Musashi's
Seared Salmon

You’re probably thinking WOW Kristina, your sushi selection is a little ….basic.. LOL

The last couple of times it has been California Rolls and Seared Salmon because I’m trying to avoid fried food and so basic I will be. 🙂 The menu definitely has some other yummy rolls waiting for me to try next time.

Local Food Spot: Musashi's
California Rolls

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